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My name is Tara and JRPG Jungle is where I spread love, opinions and hype for the JRPGs I'm passionate about!

I post content on YouTube about JRPGs, whether it's a weird and wonderful JRPG just came out in a review, or giving thoughts about gaming in general, with a JRPG twist. Originally just a blog, over the last couple of years I've moved over to making a vast majority of my content in video form and I love that I can express my JRPG thoughts while showing exactly what I'm talking about at the same time. I hope my content entertains you as much as it entertains me to make it and I hope we can have fun talking about JRPGs together in the comments on YouTubeTwitter, Facebook and Instagram!

Contact: For business inquires or feedback, please email Tara at tara@jrpgjungle.com


Since a few people have asked how they can support the channel through things like crowdfunding, I've recently made an account on Ko-Fi where you can donate to help support my content financially. You can find my account here:
(Note: I never expect you to have to pay for my content and am more than happy for you to watch me for free, but to those who do choose to donate, I really appreciate it! <3)


  1. You should consider creating a Patreon account. Also, a podcast would be great as well.

    1. Will consider both! Podcast might be a ways off, but I like listening to podcasts so that could be a fun idea. Thank you :D