Monday, 22 September 2014

Persona 4 Dancing All Night Changes Up It's Development Team + New Trailer

Following the Tokyo Game Show release of Persona 4: Dancing All Night's new trailer (featured below), it came to the attention of fans that the upcoming PS Vita game seemed to be delayed until 2015. The game's director and producer Kazuhida Wada has now addressed the game's current state on the Persona blog, revealing that Persona 4: Dancing All Night is now being primarily developed by Atlus' Persona team. Original developers Dingo who have worked on the Hatsune Miku rhythm games are still involved in the project, providing assistance as needed.

The reason for this change wasn't revealed by Kazuhida, although he did state that with this "All hands on deck" approach, they are aiming for an early 2015 release. The statement from the Persona blog was translated on Gemastu's website and can be read below:
To everyone looking forward to Persona 4: Dancing All Night, we’re very sorry to have kept you waiting! 
Moving forward, Persona Team will be taking primary responsibility for the development of this game while still receiving assistance from Dingo, with all hands on deck working as hard as they can to finally bring this game to you.We’re working as best as we can with the aim of launching as early as possible next year, so please be excited.For this trailer, we shared a new arrangement and characters, but next time we plan to deliver more in-depth content. Thank you very much for your patience
Persona 4: Dancing All Night 
Producer & Director 
Kazuhisa Wada

While we wait, the new trailer for Persona 4: Dancing All Night features a first look at new Persona 4 characters added to the game, complete with dance moves that fit their personalities (Chie's Kung Fu dance moves are a highlight!). For excited fans, the game is available for pre-order on Play-Asia.


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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Finally Gets A European Release!

Creeping up to the North American release date, it was looking like European Persona 4 Arena Ultimax fans may have to import the game if they wanted to play. But Sega has instead come to the rescue, announcing they will publish and release Persona 4 Arena Ultimax both physically and digitally in November for the European region, according to Eurogamer's post.

While the game isn't region locked in North America for any fans who don't want to wait till November, I'm sure this solves some importing costs and troubles for some people *raises hand*.

Meanwhile, North American fans can look forward to the game's release on September 30th for PS3 and Xbox 360, which can be pre-ordered via Amazon or Play-Asia.


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New Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus Trailer Shows Off The Game And Reveals Release Date

In a recent trailer showing off the game, Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus's North American release has been given an official date. Fans of the busty action game can expect it to be released on October 14th 2014 for PS Vita.

The official trailer can be watched below.


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The Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy Is Making It's Way To Steam

From as early as this October, PC gamers will see Final Fantasy XIII make it's way to Steam, according to a blog post on Square Enix's official European blog. The original game in the series Final Fantasy XIII will hit Steam on October 9th, with the other titles appear on the platform by Spring 2015.

Anyone interested in pre-ordering Final Fantasy XIII will also be pleased to hear they will receive 10% off if they order through Steam.

Final Fantasy XIII introduces the trilogy's hero Lightning and the floating world of Cocoon in a quest to save her sister who has been branded with a mark from Pulse, Cocoon's enemy. The game also features an active battle system, differing from a majority of the Final Fantasy series turn-based games.

For more on Final Fantasy XIII, check out our other posts on the series.


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Monday, 15 September 2014

Tales of Zestiria's Japanese TV Spot Trailer

Complete with awesome music by Superfly, gameplay footage and anime cutscenes from the game, here is a 15-second Japanese TV commercial for the upcoming games from Bandai Namco's popular Tales series, Tales of Zestiria.

Tales of Zestiria is due for release on January 22nd 2015 on Playstation 3 in Japan. While there is no official US or European release dates, pre-orders are available in both regions at this point.

Pre-order Tales of Zestiria (Japanese, US and Europe editions available): Play-Asia


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Friday, 12 September 2014

JRPG Jungle's Review Process And Policy (Current)

Everyone has different opinions and that's okay. But sometimes it does help to at least understand where a person is coming from and in the spirit of this, this a written policy and process for JRPG Jungle's reviews. While JRPG Jungle hasn't been around as long as other sites, after reviewing games for over six months and realising the preparation required for a good review, this policy post feels important to get the most out of our reviews and to keep them to a good level of quality (if not better!).

A review on JRPG Jungle is comprised of two things: the written content and the score given to the game. Both work together to help the reader correctly digest our thoughts on a game. Time is precious and we are currently spoiled for choice in the gaming department, so our reviews are created to help inform you before you waste the time that you could have been spending on a better game. The paragraphs below detail how exactly we come to these finished posts.

Our Review Methods

JRPG Jungle's review methods are currently simple. I buy the game as close to the release date as possible, I play it, finish it and I aim to have completely finished playing the game within 5-10 days (which can be intense for some JRPGs, but I will manage!). Then I spend a few days writing, rewriting and editing the game's review a million times until it is ready to be published. Then you read it and hopefully it helps or entertains you in some way! :)

The goal is currently to have all games reviewed within two weeks of receiving the game (Note: this method is yet to be put into practice, but I really hope it works and I can keep it that way!).

Written Content

The written part of a review is where we detail what the game is, putting it's good points and bad points into the spotlight to give an accurate impression of how we felt about it. On top of relaying opinions, the review's written content also aims to detail some of the gameplay with as little spoilers as possible to give further insight into what a reader can expect from the game.

The written content is aimed to be at 1000-2000 words, which should be enough to cover most aspects of a game both accurately and concisely.


The score is what a lot of people get hung up about on other sites, so it's important to state that our scores are simply meant to be a summary of the thoughts written in the review and also how the game compares to other reviewed games on this site.

All games are given a rating out of 10 and are reviewed using a 100 point scale. A 100 point scale means that scores can range from 0.0-10.0, using the one decimal point to give a more precise score. Games do not start with a score of zero and then gain points, it is something done at the end of writing the review based on what is written in the review and how it compares to other games in the genre.

Since this a new policy, I can't put examples of what games would apply to each score. This will be done over time, so bare with me!

Note: Due to the lack of consistent review methods at the time, any review score written prior to this post shouldn't be compared to games scored after this policy was in place.

Updating Reviews

We live in an age nowadays when games can be issued patches that fix change bugs or even change difficulty levels in a game, giving a different experience to what one would have experienced on Day One compared to a year into the game's life cycle. Because of this, we do reserve the right to update our reviews at anytime in order to keep game reviews current and fair. However, we will always put a note on the review that notes this for the readers sake.

Genre Knowledge

JRPG Jungle is a video game site dedicated to Japanese games, with a focus on JRPGs. At this point I'm the only one reviewing games on here and it's unfortunately not possible to know everything about every game. Some games have prequels that I haven't played, others have anime or visual novels etc. etc. and I'm not always able educated on these before playing a game.

On each review that has things like this, you can expect a small list detailing the experience I have in this genre/series for the sake of transparency.


Finally, our reviews and scores aren't influenced by any monetary compensation, foul play or professional relationships with game companies or their representatives.

JRPG Jungle aims to always give honest reviews and content for the awesome readers that come here!


Any questions or suggestions for this review policy can be left below or emailed to In the meantime, I hope this helps and please keep enjoying our content. Thank you!

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Persona 5's New Teaser Trailer Reveals That It Will Also Come To PS4

Persona fans can rejoice, as Atlus has revealed a new teaser trailer for Persona 5. The first teaser trailer for Persona 5 feels like it was forever ago and revealed the overall tone of the game but not much else. In this new teaser trailer, we are mainly shown the protagonist (pictured), plus the new big city setting for the game and I'm sure some subtle hints on what else will feature in the game. Probably the biggest reveal in the trailer was that Persona 5 will be coming to the PS4 as well as the PS3, since it was originally only announced for the latter console. The trailer can be watched below:

In a blog post about the trailer's reveal and the series' fans, Persona 5's director Katsura Hashino also had a few things to say about Persona 5:

"While it was sudden, during the conference that was held by SCE earlier today, they showed a trailer for the Persona series’ latest main numbered title, Persona 5. The setting is reversed from the previous title, as the title will depict the lives of youths living in a setting of a big city.
I apologize for only being able to show so little, but it would make me happy to know that you all have been able to get a glimpse of the game’s atmosphere.

Persona 5 was announced last year, and in addition to the release for PlayStation 3, we’re currently developing a PlayStation 4 version to release simultaneously in 2015. Furthermore, it’s very regretful that we’ll keep you guys waiting (I’m sorry ; ;), but I believe we’ll have a great game that will remain in your hearts."
(Translation and quote from Siliconera's original article)

Persona 5's release is currently set for 2015. The game is also available on Play-Asia for keen-bean fans to pre-order. The site features this product description:
"Set in a high school kind of setting, players will be entering a world where social problems and hardships of today are being discussed and features characters that are being held back by the rules set by society. Being a “slave” in sense, trials should be overcome by players that "are bored and discontent with their lives" and set out in a quest for freedom from the certain appalling state they are currently in. Though offering fresh kind of concept, Persona 5 has made sure to offer a familiar sense of atmosphere for long-time fans of the series and an interesting twist for new players that will altogether spell out one of a kind gaming experience."

Pre-Order Persona 5: Play-Asia 


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