Wednesday 22 January 2014

Playstation Network January Sale: Sonic the Hedgehog is definitely worth your 3 dollars.

I mentioned in my first post here that my very first game (bought by my lovely parents) was Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Since then, I have a limited edition Tails cup, am still slightly hurt that my brother adopted my Tails plushie, have a Sonic T-shirt, am still after how ever many years mourning the loss of Sydney's Sega World (seriously, WHY is it gone?!) and bought Sonic the Hedgehog off Playstation Network for $3 a few weeks ago.

I may sound like a freak, but that's okay.

This was the one game in the sale that caught my eye and not because of my freak-ness. $3 for an absolute classic game with the added bonus of trophies. I don't know how it could get better, even if you don't share my dabbling in trophy hunting. I know they sell those Sega Mega Classic discs with even more Sonic games for $20-$30 each and I'll probably purchase one too eventually but that's not $3. For me, $20-$30 says commitment (without trophies possibly). A $3 old classic says to me instant gratification to my inner child!

Sonic is the kind of game you can pick up at any point, speed through a level, get a trophy for each 'zone' you clear (!) and just feel good. Nothing is edited - no attempt at HD or overly stretching the screen (in fact, the game is in a smaller box on the TV but it doesn't make a difference to the playing experience), no music changing, just good, unaltered Sonic the Hedgehog....with TROPHIES.

I know this post isn't detailed but I'm too excited. To summarise: if you have ever considered trying the Sonic series/played it when you were young and loved it, get this game before the January Sale is over. Just do it and run around getting rings to happy 8-bit music as a blue hedgehog with red shoes.

Ps. Slightly cheaper than $3.
Pss. Even more slightly cheaper than that on Playstation Plus.
Psss. I'm from Australia so I get the European version of PSN. If your price is different/isn't on sale in your country, I apologise for getting you excited. I still encourage you to buy this though.
Pssss. It's a given considering this is my third post, but I'm not sponsored....just think it's awesome.

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