Monday 27 March 2017

My JRPG Dream Crate!

When Loot Crate put out the idea of creating your own Dream Loot Crate ideas as part of their Dream Crate project, I absolutely had to make a JRPG Crate.  I’ve watched a Loot Crate unboxing video or two on Youtube before, and each crate seems full of fun themed items and geeky gifts, I’ve just never seen a theme that made me subscribe to getting their crates monthly, but if there was a JRPG Crate I'd probably be very tempted to subscribe.

The idea of the Dream Crate is to pick a theme, the items you'd put in it and the franchises you'd include. If the theme is considered a good idea, it may become the theme of a future Loot Crate! I love the idea of coming home one day to a box of wonderful JRPG goodies, so here are five things I’d be more than happy to see in my Dream Crate (and will probably now be trying to purchase because more JRPG merch didn’t hurt anyone).

(Final Fantasy IX)
It wouldn’t be a JRPG Dream Crate without something from Final Fantasy and I thought this Vivi plushie from Square Enix would be perfect. Vivi is a pretty beloved Final Fantasy character for many reasons, such as his iconic black mage aesthetic, his curious personality and his important role in Final Fantasy IX’s story. Not only is Vivi a great character to include, he also makes a super cute plushie that would look great in any JRPG plushie collection (I need to buy him so I can have a Final Fantasy plushie collection).

(Kingdom Hearts)
When I saw that they were making Kingdom Hearts Pop Vinyl, I was pretty surprised as, well, I don’t know of any other JRPG Pop Vinyls that aren’t something major like Pokemon. It’s a pleasant surprise, as the Kingdom Hearts Pop Vinyls are totally cute. For a Kingdom Hearts fan like myself, I think the King Mickey figure is fitting for my Dream Crate, with Mickey wielding the golden keyblade and with the keyblade being so iconic to Kingdom Hearts.
(Persona 4)
I’ve been wanting a Junes shirt for a really long time and I think I would squeal with joy if one arrived on my doorstep with a box of other JRPG goodies! If you've played Persona 4, then you've probably had the Junes song in your head at least once. Since Persona 4 Golden is what brought me hardcore back into JRPGs, I would wear this shirt with all of my Inaba pride. It would be great to wear while playing Persona 5!

(Although it’s sold out at the time of posting, I chose the Sanshee shirt because I like the design. There are some great Persona 4 shirt options at Insert Coin Clothing as well!)

(Hyperdimension Neptunia)
In JRPGs, the fan service aspect is often a polarising aspect of the genre, but I feel like it would be wrong to ignore it, especially when it comes to making a box of JRPG goods. Whether you love or hate it, this Hyperdimension Neptunia pen represents the fan service, colourful and anime aspects of JRPGs in my Dream Crate. Also, I kinda just want a JRPG pen I can use during my day job to get me excited for JRPG time when I get home.

(Fun fact: I was tossing up between this pen or a body pillow at first.)
Since Pokemon is most people's first childhood JRPG if you're the same age as me, I decided I definitely wanted something Pokémon-related in my Dream Crate. Most of my Dream Crate items are for use outside of gaming time, so this Pokemon Card Case is for carrying your JRPGs for during the day JRPG time. I currently use a boring looking clear case for my Vita games, so at the very least I'd prefer to get a nice one with Poke Balls on it for my 3DS!

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