Friday 11 September 2015

This Week's PSN EU/AU PSN Releases, JRPG Style! (11/9/15)

Omega Quintet
Why hello! Welcome to this week's edition of Europe and Australia's new PSN releases, which pulls each week's PSN additions related to the JRPG genre and other Japanese games into one post for your convenience.

Pick of the week!: Both deals are really good this week! Ah!
At the moment, I'm playing the Japanese version of Omega Quintet, however I'm playing it at a snails pace because it's in Japanese. It has plenty of funny character banter so far and I'm always up for an Idol JRPG. J-Stars Victory does also look cool to play with friends though, I've never played it but I want it because of the crazy roster of characters!
I'm currently trying to jump on the PS4 train right now, so I definitely recommend both of these games if you're a Japanese game fan struggling to find games to play.

Let me know what your pick of the week is in the comments below or by sending a tweet to @JRPGJungle. Happy gaming!


Onechanbara Z2 Chaos


  • Beast Hands
  • Bunny
  • Cool Short 'Do
  • Cowboy Hat
  • GaGaGa Ribbon
  • Long Ponytail
  • Ponytail Wig
  • Rider Belt
  • Rider Scarf
  • Straight Pigtails
  • Volume 2 Bundle
  • Voluminous Ponytail

One Piece 3 Pirate Warriors 3


  • DLC Pack 1


  • J-Stars Victory VS + Digital Edition (PS4, PS Vita, PS3)
  • Omega Quintet (PS4)

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