Wednesday 21 June 2017

My Favourite JRPGs From E3 2017

E3 2017 wasn’t amazing for JRPG fans this year, but that doesn't mean it was without a few great JRPG announcements inserted between the usual E3 stuff. There were a few good surprise announcements in Nintendo’s show and other trailers for big titles sprinkled through the week of E3 that still made it a fun week to be looking out for game news. There are certainly some JRPGs deserving of hype that had me either excited for their story, gameplay or long off releases that I’ll be keeping in mind for awhile, so here’s a list of what I was personally excited by during E3 this year.

Code Vein

Code Vein is absolutely one of my top picks for E3, which is surprising since Microsoft’s conference usually isn't something I usually leave hyped. Code Vein has been described as ‘Anime Dark Souls’ by a few and I am completely okay with that as someone who hasn’t played Dark Souls despite being interested in it. Code Vein seems like the version of this game style that will get me in, with its cool but dark aesthetic and weird character designs featuring unique facial aesthetics. Best of all, despite being announced during Microsoft’s conference, it is coming to PS4 as well meaning I can play it without buying a new console. While it’s not supposed to be out until next year, it’s definitely high on my list of new games I want to try.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Speaking of games that aren't going to be out for a bit, Kingdom Hearts 3 finally got a beautiful new trailer that makes it look much more complete than it has in a lot of its older trailers. This one had intriguing story, fast action gameplay and gorgeous looking spells and attacks that reminded me of some of the reasons I’m excited about Kingdom Hearts 3. It’s hard not to be a little jaded about a game that’s taking so long to come out, but I have a good feeling about Kingdom Hearts 3 after this trailer and I hope that this trailer is a good representation of how the final game will be as it looks like the Kingdom Hearts I remember loving when I was first discovering JRPGs.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Ever since I noticed how the Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade controls were suspiciously similar to PS4 controllers, I have been hoping that it would come to consoles. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is the arcade game but with a story mode featuring many popular Final Fantasy characters and the fun 3 team battles that put these iconic characters up against each other. The other Dissidia games have been in my backlog for a good while, but I’m definitely excited for Dissidia NT as the arcade version was really fun to play and I’m looking forward to learning how to play properly, along with playing as other characters, such as Noctis, when updates roll out.

Episode Prompto

It might only be Final Fantasy XV DLC, but I’m incredibly happy to see that Episode Prompto will still be coming out late this month and is supposedly a little longer than Episode Gladiolus was. There are so many things I’m keen about with this expansion actually; such as the new shooting and stealth mechanics to suit Prompto’s fighting style and finally finding out why he looks so damn sad in the trailer. (Also, no guarantees but there’s a small chance they’ll be an Episode Ignis trailer shown after completing Episode Prompto. I would like that a lot.)

Pokemon Switch

In general, Nintendo had a really solid E3 show this year, with little announcements such as Fire Emblem Warriors and multiple Mario related games looking cool. The coolest announcement from Nintendo’s for me was the brief announcement of a core Pokemon game coming to the Switch. It may not be coming soon, but I’ve been trying to get back into the Pokemon series with no success yet and I hope that Pokemon Switch may be the re-entry point to the series I’m looking for. It might be awhile, but it’s an announcement that I think is well worth being intrigued about with a series as big as Pokemon coming to a new console.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

A few people have suggested since I enjoyed Final Fantasy XV so much, I may enjoy the openness found in Xenoblade. I tend to think this is correct now, as the trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 with it’s big grassy fields and fantasy story appealed to me a lot and is definitely in my top games for E3 2017. In fact, Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s epic trailer may be one of the things to push me to buy a Nintendo Switch. Yes I’ve been wanting one a while already, but seeing a game like Xenoblade Chronicles 2 that makes me want to sink hours into it is a pretty big push towards me saving money to actually get it. We’ll see if I actually do it, but I’m a little happy to finally understand the Nintendo Switch hype and am looking forward to seeing more of this game, along with the other great ones featured this year and it’s nice to see the Switch looking more and more like a worthwhile console.

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What was your favourite JRPG from E3 2017? Did you think it was missing anything?
(I'm holding out for a Persona 5 Dance game, but that's probably not until TGS if at all!)
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