Thursday 27 December 2018

JRPG Jungle The Blog! - Updates/Changes Going Forward

Hi there!

First of all, if you’re reading this, thank you! As a lot of you probably know I’m much more active on YouTube these days and that has a much more vocal audience, so I always wonder how many people come around to my little writing area on the internet. I’m 90% sure my analytics on Blogger are full of weird bots as there’s a huge discrepancy between those stats and Google Analytics, so I pretty much have no idea how many people do or don’t come to the blog at any given time. So if you do visit here, thanks!

Being more active on YouTube is basically what leads me into making this post. For almost two years now, I’ve been crossposting my content both on YouTube and on here, with YouTube as a video version and the written version here. The idea was always that people could consume my content however they wanted - if you forgot your headphones you could come here and if you wanted some gameplay to watch along with what I’m saying you could go to the channel. It was a very simple idea I didn’t think about much, but I noticed things tilting after my first year on YouTube.

I’ve learnt over the past two years that making video content takes time, significantly more than when I was just blogging. I also work full time which takes time too and I’m grateful every week I find the time to do both. But when I’m doing descriptions, thumbnails etc for the video, it then gets to the point where I put what is nowadays my “script” for when I’m recording my videos onto this blog and unfortunately, I’ve found myself rushing and not making things the best they could be on here. Typos slip in, paragraphs aren’t properly spaced, things I’ve made better while improvising when recording don’t make it in, etc. They’re small things, but when you spend so much time on making a video just to put it on here in a rushed form, it feels a bit odd. I could take the time to read over things better and make them the best they could be, but the effort I put into the videos I think is ultimately the better version of my content - I just put more work into it and therefore it turns out better. (and I don't mean my content is great by the way, I just mean better between the two versions!)

Because of that, I’ve made the decision to stop crossposting my content here on the blog in 2019. I was going to ask you guys if there’d be any objections, but I think for myself I want to present my content in its best form and right now I think that is the video version.

IN SAYING THAT - I’m still keeping this blog! I’m about to pay for the domain for another year (which I can only do because of YouTube and I’m grateful for that too) and still have ideas for the blog going forward.

Basically, I want to bring blog exclusive content back whenever I can. It won’t be as regular as videos, but I’ve had a few ideas I think would go better as blog posts, so I’d like to keep this as a more casual and fun place I can post content for fun. Videos end up being a bit of work and feel a little more serious even though I genuinely enjoy making them, so I'd like to use this space much more like a blog and just post what more random JRPG-related things I find interesting or fun, without much pressure.

As for the channel, things will keep going as normal and this may give me a small fraction of time to get ahead on content there. Or it will make no difference, but either way nothing will change there! I have more ideas than I have time right now, but I’m always trying to make more and more as I really enjoy making videos now.

Thank you to anyone who reads this blog, watches my videos or consumes my content in any way. I feel really lucky with every comment and interaction I have with you all, so I hope you’ll stick around in the New Year too. Happy Holidays and thank you always :)


Update 8/2019 - Hey again! I finally had a minute to come back here and sit down and update a little. I was gonna make a whole other post, but I think what I said in this post really still stands and since it's pretty quiet here nowadays, I don't feel the need to make a big fuss on what I'm gonna type now, but I do wanna put it here for anyone who's ever wondering (side note - my analytics for this blog are still bizarre and I still have no idea how many people ever come here and don't know if I ever will. But again, if you do, thank you :3).

I'm basically doing what is called an indefinite hiatus with the blog right. As I wrote above, I think my best content is on YouTube purely because of how much more effort it takes to make video than to make a blog post (for me at least) and all the ideas I initially wanted to do just on the blog I know how to make a videos now and would probably want to do that way so I can put the right amount of effort and quality into them. When I was just writing on here, I would read things three times because I was so nervous about putting my thoughts into the world (and would still miss typos lol) and I wanna keep that same energy going forward and not just throw things on here unfinished like I was when I was crossposting, so I think I wanna leave this blog as it is with work I'm proud of on it in a kind of "archive" of all the work I did on here.

So yeah, I will be keeping this blog up because this blog meant a lot to me and there's my first reviews and what not on here that's kind of fun to look back on sometimes. This is where I grew my writing skills and learned how to structure my thoughts on games and that skill is invaluable now and I feel lucky that even a few people kept up with most posts I made the years I was only on here. I'm eternally grateful to anyone who enjoyed even one post on this blog, shared them etc and the things I learned here and wrote here are still things I'm really happy to keep on here as this'll always be where I started and grew the confidence to be able to go onto YouTube which I'd always wanted to, but was really scared of doing until almost three years ago.

If you ever read anything on here, feel free to leave a comment and say hey as I'm sure I'll check in every now and then, but for now, thank you to anyone reading this and I hope to see you on YouTube!

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