Monday 17 February 2014

First Impressions: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

I wanted to write a proper first impressions. By proper, I mean short and after just a few hours in rather than a mini review.

I'm over 20 hours into Lightning Returns and it's only been a few days.
I wanted to write this post...but I was having too much fun.

So to start off, I will be blunt: if you're looking for the perfect game, you won't find it here. It has flaws, some lovable and some a bit silly. I'll explain.

Basically I feel like I've found a way to rig the game. Chronostatis is a special ability that stops time temporarily. It costs 1 EP. EP is earned by fighting battles. I fight a few battles, fill my EP gauge and set off chronostratis. Do a couple more till I'm at max EP again. Once time is back I do it again and I use next to no game time. So in this game which is a countdown till the end of the world where I need to do everything before 13 days is up, I feel I have not a care in the world. Time stops in battles - I have nothing at all to worry about in the time department. I am a time troll.

And being a time troll when time is one of the main aspects of the game? I don't know if it's a pro or a con. Pro for me as I can probably platinum this game in one or two playthroughs. Con for the game as it throws the whole concept out the window. As much as I abuse this ability, I feel they should've added a daily limit or something to make the game more challenging. But since there isn't a limit and I want to prove a certain character wrong for saying I can't do everything in 13 days, I'll keep using it.

Quick note: I'm playing on easy mode as I read that that's what Square Enix recommends for the first playthrough. It is harder to get EP on normal and hard mode, but I still think it wouldn't be hard to build up EP while time is stopped.

Being reunited with characters from previous games has been described as 'lacking' by other bloggers. I disagree. Over 500 years, these characters have big burdens to talk about and I've cried twice (I'm not even sorry). The only character that could be lacking is Lightning. I feel like they tried to make her a little more likeable, but some of the things she does seems a little too playful. I'm not saying she's turned into Vanille, but a few things seem out of place.

Topped off with an awesome battle system, I like this game. It's fun. A good way to kill time.

Will I play it for 8 months? Probably not. But it'll give me some good fun for a week or two. If you enjoyed XIII-2 or like closure, I think buying this game may be a good idea.

Until next time, I've got a world to save!

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Pss. Square Enix, I loved that FFXIV reference.

Psss. Whenever Lightning says 'Savior's got a job' in battle, does anyone else imagine her working in McDonalds? No? Just me? Okay, cool.

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