Wednesday 12 February 2014

Lightning Returns is out today!

Months of getting taken the piss out of for being keen for this game are about to end!

When I pre-ordered Lightning Returns last September, I was excited. That's why you pre-order games right? You're keen!

Then I had the joy of asking my work for a photo we put up in store for Lightning Returns (I work in one of those stores that sells games and other stuffs) only to receive laughter and be called lame. (I'm also still hoping to receive the photo) This game cops a lot of flack and cynicism, so it's definitely going to be an interesting experience.

While not disliking the 13 series has copped me a lot of flack between friends and co-workers, when listening to these people rant on about Lightning, I'm reminded of the characters I AM looking forward to seeing. Everyone hates on Lightning because she's apparently boring (which I can't blame them. She's so driven on her goals that she's not the usual complex protagonist people are used to) but they forget about Vanille, Hope, Serah, Snow, Fang and Noel (and others of course). I think these characters are stand outs and I'm excited for closure on their stories.

...While dressing Lightning in Moogle dresses.

Happy Lightning day all. Let me know what you think of the game and I shall post my first impressions in a few days.

Happy gaming!

-Tara (PSN: guittaraxx)

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