Thursday 20 March 2014

Final Fantasy X HD: Gaming Diary #1

So after writing my First Impressions post for Final Fantasy X HD (which you can read here), I continued playing this awesome game for another hour. I'm only just getting to the Kilika forest/jungle now, but I'm having fun. It's not an intense, exciting 'new' game kind of fun, but I feel this constant feeling of satisfaction while I play. Probably odd and due to nostalgia...but nonetheless.

I've noticed people always associate this game with the 'HA HA HA HA' scene with Yuna and Tidus. I find that scene charming and never found it weird, so I had no idea it was a thing until a few years ago when I was lurking Youtube one day. Well, I don't find that scene awkward. What I DO find awkward is when Tidus and Yuna start giggling while talking to each other on the boat. WHY. WHY DON'T YOU BOTH ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THIS IS WEIRD. Also, speaking of Yuna, her altered face reminds me of a cross between her face in X-2 and the FMV cutscenes. I think it's because her eyes are bigger. I remember noticing her big eyes in X-2 on PS2 and finding it a little random, then accepting that it looked good and was probably just a graphics thing that they spent more time on because she was more of a main character in that game. I guess it will create some visual consistency between the games now. I also wonder if they'll make Rikku's eyes smaller in X-2 HD.....

Also, has anyone else noticed that the transition to the FMV sequences is so seamless? I'm now remembering my PS2 disc was pretty jumpy and could not handle the Besaid to Kilika boat scene at all. I used to clean it over and over until I could get past the cutscene back in the days.....good times. This is how I learnt that I probably shouldn't imitate my family and friends 'discs on top of the TV on top of each other' philosophy....anyway, I like the seamless transition.

I also remember Sin in battle looking like a big, badly textured fin in battle. The detail they've added/enhanced is appreciated. Also the pyreflies look so neon now, again I think this will look amazing on an O-LED Vita screen or a great TV. And that Sending scene is still beautiful. Loving the HD details here!

One thing to mention - I can totally see new players getting crappy about lack of save points. I used to get the major shits about lack of save points on school nights (lol)....thank goodness I'm kinda ready for them now and can plan my playing time around them cause I sorta remember where they are. Don't play this game for only five minute intervals people - I don't think you'll get to a save point most times!

And here are two bonus things I had nowhere to put in raw, dot point form.:
  • I love how the characters treat Tidus for half the story with an 'I'll tell you when you're older' attitude about the fate of the summoner. They make it so awkward for themselves.
  • That moment when you get Al Bhed primer IV and realise you've missed three.
Also FYI people, if you have the memory card space, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster for PS Vita is $49.95 on PSN and that's the cheapest I've seen the game (on Vita) for. JB Hi-Fi has the physical game cheapest for $47 on PS3 and $54.98 on PS Vita, but I know some people also go to EB Games for the points. Hope that helps and you enjoyed reading this!

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