Monday 3 March 2014

Gravity Rush: the Platinum Trophy info-blog

One of the most anticipated games for the PS Vita was a quirky, innovative J-RPG game by Japan Studio called Gravity Rush. It starred a cute, spunky blonde, used the PS Vita's tilt functions like nearly no other game has so far, had a unique story and in my eyes, did not get nearly as much credit as it deserved. I LOVED this game for the two weeks I played it. I even stopped caring about looking like a nut on the train whenever I tilted my Vita around like a steering wheel because it was fun. But reviews said otherwise and it became a freebie on Playstation Plus (which is worth getting). But I'm not here to review the game itself and even if I was, I played it so long ago that it wouldn't be a good review (you probably gathered that from my opening paragraph). What I'm here to talk about is the Platinum trophy which shines in my PSN when you look at my trophies!

I'm not really a 'trophy hunter'...but I'm not...not a trophy hunter either (good description). I get excited whenever I get one and I use them as an excuse not to put a game down and also to get my money's worth. I loved Persona 4 Golden and Gravity Rush before I finished them and couldn't imagine putting them down yet, so I made the decision to obtain the Platinum trophies. Time consuming? Yeah. Unneccessary? Probably. Fun? Oh yeah.

Below, I'm going to list the 3 easiest non-story/tutorial-based trophies and the 3 hardest ones and then give you a summary on my experience. Hopefully this will help you decide if it is worth your time. :)

Easiest trophies:

3. Frequent Flyer
Objective: Land 10 gravity kicks without landing or taking damage.

This trophy was actually one of my first in Gravity Rush and is something you'll learn early in the game. This trophy can be done in the enemy fighting challenges and was one of my main techniques. I found this technique to be the best way to fight as it usually hit's the enemies weak spot dead on. As long as you don't tilt your Vita while doing this, you'll get 10 in no time!

2. Throwing Machine
Objective: Hurled 10 objects into enemies without missing of taking damage.

There is a challenge where you throw things at enemies non-stop so this isn't hard. Just...throw stuff at enemies and make sure you aim? The only real challenge with this is the enemies move sometimes but I'm sure you'll find another enemy and more stuff to throw.

1. True Challenger
Objective: Cleared EVERY challenge.

This one's easy, as long as you're paying attention. It doesn't require you to 'rank' (get bronze, silver or gold) in the challenges, it just requires you to find them all. So use your map wisely and this one is easy as pie to do while you play the story and unlock new areas.

Hardest trophies:

3. Illusory Game Hunter
Objective: Defeated the rare Nevi in Rift Planes: The Mirage

Holy crap. I had to do this battle SO MANY TIMES OVER. The problem with this enemy is it's attacks make it hard to get close to when you need to hit one of it's many weak points on a certain angle. There were special attacks involved, sitting in far off areas waiting for it to stop attacking, flying further away in the area to restore health and reading strategy guides. Phew.
It's brutal, but I did feel very proud when I got this one.

2. All That Glitters
Objective: Gold-medaled EVERY challenge.

This one requires patience and knowing when to walk away from your Vita and come back when you're not frustrated/have peaked for the day. The trophy requires doing all the challenge courses over and over until you get the gold. Some are obviously going to be easier than others for different people, but this is the 'perseverance' trophy so'll feel proud. Invisible tears of relief kind of proud.

1. Lost in Time and SpaceObjective: Heard the mysterious couple's complete story.
I needed a guide for this one. What makes this trophy difficult is simply the fact that you have no indication on where you will find the mysterious couple next. You can either gravity shift around looking for them everywhere or you can use a guide. I will say I found their story to make this trophy extremely rewarding and I think it's more than worth it.

Honourable mentions: The other Game Hunter trophies for being challenging, Going Underground for being tedious and for Gem Aficionado and Top Cat being nowhere near as hard as they sound as long as you are playing the story and doing challenges.

I found getting this platinum really, really fun. The challenges provide simple entertainment that doesn't require you to remember huge amounts of stories, just for you to play them and think of new ways to beat them. Same goes for the boss battles, it's all about the challenge. This platinum trophy took me three weeks to get and I did it on my first playthrough mostly on train rides (at this point my daily travel was 4 hours though). It's mostly simple, just requires a small amount of thinking and if you get into the story, it becomes much easier. I also recommend the DLC trophies for a little extra challenge!

Let me know how long it took you to platinum trophy Gravity Rush and if you would consider doing it (or not).

Until next time!

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