Thursday 13 March 2014

Game diary #1: Lightning Returns

I hope you're all having good weeks. I'm currently stuck with the flu....which by the way, sucks. I did however, manage to finish my review on Soul Sacrifice so you can check that out here.

I thought considering my method of reviewing things involves actually finishing the main story and enjoying the game like a normal person (instead of someone who maybe rushes through a game just to get the review out in the first week. I also work a day job, thus making that impossible anyway), I could make little 'gaming diaries' to keep you guys posted on my feelings on the game. I figure it will also help keep my thoughts for reviews more prepared and structured too, which will help everyone reading this blog to enjoy things more.

Let me know if you like this series and I'll keep it going for other games too. :)

Note: I always try and be really careful with spoilers, but sometimes it's just impossible to talk about things without them, especially in a diary form so read with caution!


I've been playing Lightning Returns quite a bit, to be exact I've done 40 hours. I would say I'm definitely still enjoying it at this point, although I'm currently just doing Side Quests and Canvas of Prayers quests.

I finished the five main story quests in about 5 in game days. This (coupled with a few easy side quests) put my Eradia (which you gain from quests and helps extends the world's life) up quite a bit, so before I knew it I had a total of 13 days, which is the goal in the game. So, I had about 8 days left and was like 'I guess I have to do these side quests now....'

The game doesn't really give you much choice there. It's either 'sleep at an Inn for a while!' or side quests. However, Lightning Returns' side quests are lovely. The stories that some of these NPCs have after living for hundreds of years are truly touching. I'm pretty sure I've shed a tear at least once (let's not even go into the main quests. Swear I didn't totally 'bawww' for the one in Yusnaan). The Canvas of Prayers quests I don't really go out of my way for. Whenever I teleport somewhere new, I'll check the Canvas, see if I've got the quest items while doing other stuff and if not, I don't really bother too much. Nor do I need to, they're usually battle items anyway. I'd rather run around for a side quest of a character I'm actually somewhat emotionally invested in.

Also, my romance with 'Chronostatis' is over. It ended as soon as the main quests did. I use it occasionally for quests where I have to meet someone before a certain time, but that's it and even's rare. If I used Chronostatis now, while I'd probably finish all the side quests, I'd have way too much time left over....and does anyone really want to be twiddling their thumbs until the end of the world?

Oh and one last thing: I LOVE making enemies extinct. Genius idea for a game with limited foes. Gotta extinct em all!

For more on Lightning Returns, I recommend buying it. It's an interesting game and the action battle system will appeal to newcomers who weren't really fussed about turn-based strategy.

I'm gonna go to work now and continue my patient wait for Final Fantasy X/X-2 remaster. SO KEEN!

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