Thursday 4 January 2018

The Results of My 2017 JRPG New Year Resolutions

Last year, I tried to make my JRPG Resolutions more realistic. I was over ending the year with a bunch of Resolutions I didn’t end up having time for, so I tried to be a little smarter and just do three. In hindsight, I ended up doing an unofficial resolution that I wanted to try keep up with new JRPG releases as much as possible in 2017 and I did that very well. However it also took a bunch of time away from my intended resolutions and while I think I had more success overall than failure for my 2017 JRPG Resolutions, I didn’t end up with the 100% completion I hoped for. In any case, I’m thankful for these resolutions that encouraged me to go deeper into at least one of my favourite JRPG franchises and fully completed or not, I’m happy to take what they taught me about my gaming time into 2018.

1) Play an old game from a JRPG series
I would call my goal of playing an old game from a JRPG series fairly successful, even if I didn’t completely finish the game I was playing for this goal. From the start of 2017 to now, I’ve had Persona 2 be one of my side games between releases and have no intentions of dropping it soon considering I’m pretty far into it. What stopped me from finishing it was keeping up with new releases and playing two games at once, which I’ll be trying to do less of in 2018. I was also trying to finish the original Kingdom Hearts game to try and finish it before Kingdom Hearts 3 eventually comes out this year. I think playing it and Persona 2 at the same time ended up with me playing them both extremely slowly, so in 2018 I would like to try my best to focus on one game at a time as best as I possibly can.

Also while I didn’t finish Persona 2 yet, I did finish .hack//G.U. Last Recode and it’s an HD Remaster of an old PS2 game, so I think I did enough towards this idea of playing older games to consider this goal mostly a success, even if it wasn’t in the way and with the game I was hoping for.

2) Finish Persona 5 in English and Japanese
I half completed my goal of finishing Persona 5 in both English and Japanese as I most definitely completed Persona 5 in English and have also started multiple playthroughs in both English and Japanese to tie up loose ends. The very first time I played Persona 5 was in Japanese because I had no patience when I came out in Japan way before it did in the West, however the language barrier got to me after it took me about 40 hours to do the first dungeon, so I left my Japanese playthrough alone for a while. When I started my next one after fully finishing Persona 5 in English, I wanted to go through the Japanese version slowly and take my time to try learn new words and although it meant only half completing this goal, I think it’s a better way to try play something for the sake of language study.

In the English version of Persona 5, finishing Persona 5 was one of my favourite things I did last year and I’m happily on my second playthrough. I hope to spend more time with it this year to get as deep into it as I did when I played Persona 4 Golden, but it may just be in my own language for fun and relaxation rather than for Japanese study.

3) Platinum a JRPG
I can proudly say I did platinum a JRPG last year without question, with my platinum of Final Fantasy XV early last year meaning that I continued throughout the year knowing I’d done at least one of these goals. I platinumed Final Fantasy XV because I didn’t want to leave its world yet and since that’s why I like platinuming games, I didn’t feel like I was forcing myself to complete this goal at all. A platinum I made myself get with a little more force was the one for spin-off game Persona 4 Dancing All Night, but it didn’t require much force as a fairly easy platinum and lets me leave the year with two JRPG related platinum trophies.

I made a lot of these goals with Persona 5 in mind, but as soon I saw my first playthrough of Persona 5 was over 150 hours long, I knew my chance of platinuming and finishing Persona 5 in Japanese by the end of 2017 while keeping up with new releases was very low. But Platinuming Final Fantasy XV mostly organically reminded me that despite setting these goals as a guide for my gaming time in the year, they are just a guide and if I really want to platinum Persona 5, play older JRPGs or any other games and goals in 2018, I’ll probably do it in some form or another eventually. I’m glad to say the goals I did complete on this list showed me some cools parts of games I wanted to get to know more and I’ll take what I learnt about how much gaming time I have and playing what I want to play with me into 2018’s resolutions and my gaming time in general.

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