Monday 23 June 2014

Enjoyed the Gargantia Anime Series? Now You Can Play Gargantia: Sky Courier The Game! (+ My First Impressions)

Last year, there was a popular anime series called Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet. The show was a sci-fi anime with a little bit of mecha mixed in and was set in Gargantia, a fleet of ships on a beautiful water covered version of Earth. If you want to know more about the anime, it's available to watch (for free!) on Crunchyroll.

Production I.G. (the original company that worked on the Gargantia anime) and Internet Explorer have created a game for the series called Gargantia: Sky Courier, which is out now and it's free! The game is set between Episode 5 and 6 of the original anime. Playing as Ledo, you get to fly over the Gargantia doing jobs for friends. I loved the look of those gliders in the anime, so the idea of flying one (even in game form) really appealed the me!
According to the site, how well you play the game will determine which ending you will get out of three possible endings.

My First Impressions

I played through the game for about half an hour/40 minutes because so far, there's only one mission available to play although they have promised 4 more. The game starts in a visual novel-like form. The dialogue wasn't that interesting, mostly just Amy helping Ledo get a job and a basic setup of reasons about why Ledo has become a 'Sky Courier'. Even if the story isn't groundbreaking so far, it was nice to hear the use of the same voice actors from the show.

The gameplay is simple - you accelerate with one button and direct Ledo into hoops. If you have a touch screen and Internet Explorer 11, you can apparently use touch screen which I haven't heard of being used in browser games before. Your score is affected by whether your fly into the centre of the hoop easily or brush the side of the hoop instead. Don't stray too far from the path of hoops to look at the beautiful landscape though - you lose points if you miss any hoops.

The 3D landscapes look stunning, and there's something very relaxing about flying over a beautiful ocean town. I was hoping I could fly really close to Gargantia and see more detail, but this made Chamber tell me I was flying too low. Oh well.

If you don't know the story of Gargantia or just want to fly around, Sky Couriers features a Mission Mode that let's you play the mission without the dialogue. If you want to explore the skies of Gargantia without the hoop mission, there is also a Free Flight Mode.

Unless you stray from the path, it's nearly impossible to lose once you get the hang of the controls. If you're looking for a challenge, this is the wrong game for you. For me, I enjoyed the nostalgia it gave me of other flying-through-hoop games I played as a kid such as Spyro or Harry Potter. I wouldn't play it for hours, but I did enjoy the short time I played it. At this point, it's not a must play for Gargantia fans - so far, you're not missing out on a big chunk of story. But as the new missions and story content is released, if you've got the time it is a light fun and harmless game to play for a short while.

If you want to try out this new free Gargantia: Sky Couriers game, you can play it in English or Japanese at . Let us know what you think in the comments!


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