Saturday 21 June 2014

Drakengard 3 DLC Trailer

Playstation has posted on their Youtube account a video featuring all of the new DLC for Drakengard 3 in action. It includes costumes and new story DLC, available now in the Playstation Network Store.

A list of the DLC Featured in the trailer:

  • Manah's Garb (Drakengard 2)
  • Gaim's Garb (Drakengard)
  • Furiae's Garb (Drakengard)
  • Eris' Garb (Drakengard 2)
  • Zero's Garb Variety Pack
  • Nier's Garb (Nier)
  • Kaine's Garb (Nier)

Mikhail's Headgear
  • Experimental Weapon
  • Tokyo Tower
  • Beautiful Child

Sound Elements
  • Japanese VO Pack
  • Nier Arrangement Tracks
  • Intoner Arrangement Tracks

Story Elements
  • One's Prologue
  • Two's Prologue
  • Three's Prologue
  • Four's Prologue
  • Five's Prologue
  • Zero's Prologue

You can purchase the new Drakengard 3 DLC from the Playstation Network Store. Drakengard 3 is available now in our Amazon Store.


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