Tuesday 15 April 2014

Fixing my PS Vita Rookie Error: PS3 + PS Vita Content Manager = How to stick with a 4GB Memory Card but not have to redownload your games.

Okay, let's be real for a second. When have you last played 7 games in one day? And did you enjoy it or concentrate on any of them? If no is the answer and you're like 'But I don't want to redownload my games regularly and use all my data/home wifi', then I hear you. AND I HAVE A SOLUTION!

Me and my 4GB memory card thought we were doomed! I thought I'd never get value out of my free Playstation Plus games because I either had to buy a new memory card or delete something. That 32GB memory card looked mighty fine at this point.

One day while listening to Podcast Beyond (by IGN, available on iTunes and pretty darn awesome!), Greg Miller decided to mention how he only uses his PS3 to put stuff on his Vita now that the PS4 is out and I was like 'hmm'. I've never connected my Vita to the PS3. I should try that sometime.

....holy crap guys.

I tried it a few days ago and got my memory from being nearly full back to 3.6GBs of free space. I just transferred my files to the PS3 via USB (the cable you charge your Vita with) and now I can switch games out whenever space is an issue. I play most of my games on game cards anyway (which saves all of the space), but some games you can't always get on cards or may be cheaper on PSN. I now have room to have 1 card game and (depending on file size), 1 or 2 downloaded games on my Vita. Best of all when I'm done with the game, I just transfer it onto the PS3 using Content Manager. So simple. (Worth noting: I have been uploading all my saves to the PS Plus cloud just in case because I'm paranoid so don't ask me what happens to your save files. From googling I think you'll be fine, but I haven't personally tried it....so yes, disclaimer!)

This saves so much money on a 32GB memory card and I can still get all the games I'm going to play. I think there is a place in your Vita for the 32GB memory card maybe if you're traveling but otherwise, CONTENT MANAGER FTW!

I hope this helps people like me who didn't get this far in reading the manual. Enjoy your Vita card space!

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