Saturday 19 April 2014

What I've been playing this week+Catch Up! (Let's make this a series....number 1!) (Final Fantasy X HD, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend and Mercenary Kings)

What's up everyone?!

It's Sunday in my home country of Australia and it's also Easter! I managed to have the trademarked Easter stomach ache before 9am because I'm an impatient brat. Well, not really. Me and George (boyfriend/in-house partner in crime) are terrible at giving gifts on the day, so we swapped and started out chocolate last night, leaving me this morning with the perfect amount to eat with breakfast. BAD IDEAAAAA! Parterned with pizza for dinner last night, I feel lethargic...hashtag, weight loss and healthy eating.

Did I mention I haven't gone running in two weeks?

Anyway, down to business. I've been rather faithful to my games this week. On PS4, I played a little Mercenary Kings and a spot of Resogun. On PS3, I'm racing to the end of Final Fantasy X HD. And on PS Vita, I finally found the load button in Story Mode and am trying to finish the Calamity Trigger part of story mode in BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend. Also, I found out BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma is out (found on Amazon here) ! Did Australia get it? I think we didn't! JB Hi Fi and EB Games seem to have no clue that this has come out...I'm not even gonna bother with any other retailers. This scares me a little for my Spring Persona fest. I'm scared I'm gonna have to Play-Asia or Amazon everything and wait a few weeks past the release date. If I hear any spoilers, I will destroy the internet. I may also have to get a US 3DS, but that's probably not so bad....if George has an Australian one and I have a US one, it means no region restrictions (except for Asian games).

I digress. Let's talk more about games!

PS3: Final Fantasy X HD

I've gotten a lot further than my last gaming diary. I'm at Mt Gagazet, reliving the horror of getting through that mountain with just the initial save point. The game is telling me I need to level grind and I am politely flipping it off.

However, I am enjoying this game a lot! It's amazing how after about 10 years, this game is still good. The sphere grid system does not age and I don't think the battle system does either. Now that I'm older, I'm able to think more strategically on how can I make each of my turns count. And the HD cutscenes are stunning. A job well done to Square Enix. I'm even getting a little excited to replay X-2 (I'm a girl, I liked that game), but this will have to wait till after Child of Light (!!).

PS4: Mercenary Kings


I'm terrible at this game. It's fun, but I haven't even gotten past the first mission yet. I'm terrible at timing when not to get hit and when to roll....but it's fun. I love the 8-bit soundtrack.

PS4: Resogun

Not much to say other than I can't finish experienced mode yet, but damn I want that trophy. It's been the game I play while George uses the PS3. I love the option to remote play with the Vita and when near the console and wi-fi, I had a very smooth experience.

...but I still lost because I'm unskilled. I'll get there.

PS Vita: BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend

I'm okay at this game! Just don't ask me to perform a combo!

I've always wanted to do the story mode on this game. Arcade mode is great, but it barely touches on what seems to be a very in-depth story. So I've done the right thing and I've started with the Calamity Trigger story and will work my way through all of the characters. This is going to be a big task to get to the true ending, but I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff.

Also, Noel Vermillion is a great character. I really enjoy her voice acting/part in the story so far.

Bonus game: Steins;Gate Lite (Japanese/iPhone edition)

I loved the anime for Steins;Gate and the game offers multiple endings and control over the story...which I am a sucker for. I love seeing how things could go if everything went wrong or if I could choose how the story went. However, I am only a Japanese learner, so I've been using this to learn more Kanji and I'm barely 5 sentences in. I try to translate a sentence a day, so I can't comment too much having only translated a few sentences. However, I enjoy the art style and seeing Okabe's inner-thoughts.

Comment below and let me know what you've been playing...or what I should have been playing this week! And happy Easter everyone :)

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