Wednesday 30 April 2014

J-RPG Jungle?! New blog name + the future

Hello everyone! Notice something different around here? If not...I changed the site name!

The new site name is J-RPG Jungle, with the name being inspired by the sheer amount of J-RPGs that exist that are all so different yet share a common theme - the animation style and the crazy stories! Kind of like a jungle and it's different plants and animals, but you would still associate them with a jungle. I'll be honest, the name also just sounded a bit cooler. While TaraPlaysGames wasn't a bad name I felt it made it sound like my opinion is the only one on this site. I would love to welcome a community of J-RPG fans to voice your opinions and to share what you'd like to read about, so I will keep working hard on my posts and this site's content to attract this kind of audience. :)

This isn't to say I won't post about non-JRPGs ever, but I would like to keep this blog's focus in this niche. To be honest, I'm working to make this the exact site that I would visit daily and want to read, as both a gamer and a huge fan of JRPGs. We shall see how it goes, but I'm really enjoying writing lots here and at WTFGamersonly right now. If anyone has any suggestions, please comment below! I'm open to anything constructive.

Now we shall continue normal programming! Thanks for reading!

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