Thursday 7 August 2014

Omega Quintet Box Art Revealed

Amazon Japan has updated their listing for Compile Heart's upcoming Idol JRPG for PS4 Omega Quintet with previously unseen box art for the game. This box art includes both the standard and limited editions of the game, with each featuring different artwork.

Below is the Standard edition, which features Otaha and Kyouka from the Omega Quintet Idol group. The boy on the cover is the game's protaganist, Takuto:

And this is the limited edition cover, featuring a very sweet photo of all of the Idols:

For those wondering, the limited edition copy of Omega Quintet includes the PS4 game, a Special Booklet, Special DVD and a Drama CD, along with the limited edition packaging.

Pre-order (Import from Japan): Play-Asia


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