Tuesday 13 May 2014

6 classic Japanese PSone games (untranslated!) coming to PSN US!

The PSN's US blog posted today that GungHo Online Entertainment America is releasing six Japanese PSOne classics on PSN. What I found interesting is that they are coming untranslated. Yes, the language barrier may alienate people who don't know Japanese. However, me and my amateur Japanese think this is AWESOME and anyone can enjoy these games with an open mind. Having a game in Japanese is better than not having it all in my eyes.

The games being released are:

Sarara's Little Shop (Danjyon Shoutengai: Densetsu no Ken Hajimemashita)

You get to run your own Item Shop and help prepare adventures for their journeys. The blog post reveal states that the game is text heavy, meaning a lot of dialogue in Japanese.

Dragon Beat Legend of Pinball

One of the more Westerner friendly titles, this game has two modes. The first is your regular good old fashioned pinball and the other involves the steel pinball trying to beat a dragon and save a princess. Sounds nifty.

Neo Planet

A simulation game that allows you to fly around space and turn a foreign planet into an inhabitable planet much like our own. Apparently this is very text heavy, so consider your Japanese knowledge before buying this one.

Heroine Dream 1 and 2

Multiple endings, Idols and various skill developments, Heroine Dream was one of the first Idol simulation games (and I'm sure since the announcement of Omega Quintet, I've been very clear about my love of Idol games). As with any game with multiple endings, a good amount of Japanese would be required to choose your desired direction in the story (however I don't think this will stop me).

Tokyo 23-Ku Seifuku Wars

This one sounds wonderfully kooky. In a post apocalyptic world, a ban on school uniforms naturally causes a civil war. Naturally. As with any Japanese RPG, if you want to completely understand the story you will need to know Japanese.


While most of these titles require a good level of Japanese, I sometimes find that either finding the meaning or working it out becomes a game in itself. These will be available for $5.99 in the US on PSN.

Fingers crossed that they will also come to the European store as well!

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