Saturday 31 May 2014

Persona, Forbidden Magna, Island Days, IA/VT Colorful - This Week's Trailer Round-Up!

It's hard to keep up with all the wonderful new trailers that come out in J-RPG and Japanese game land. To make this easier on you guys, I've put them all in one post for you. Enjoy!

Forbidden Magna (3DS)

There aren't a heap of solid details about this game, but it looks interesting! It involves spirits. (apologies for vague-ness, I couldn't find much else about the gameplay at this point)

Persona Q (3DS)

This is out in Japan in less than a week - I can't believe it! These trailers go over the gameplay in Persona Q, particularly concentrating on the new dungeon elements. I'm really excited for this and have no way of playing it until it's in English. Wah.

A new Vocaloid rhythm game that adds it's own unique twist to the Idol-Rhythm Game genre. This trailer is a big trailer about the gameplay, featuring the rhythm game mechanisms, an introduction to difficulty levels and daily play, plus costumes and other features. I'm enjoying the idea of this game - it seems to have a cooler, more indie/alternative feel when compared to Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f and has a lot of artistic and creative looking music videos and rhythm game elements. Definitely one to watch for rhythm game fans.

Freedom Wars is a game with a very interesting concept: you play as a criminal with a million year sentence and the only way to work it off is to fight off monsters that are kidnapping the population. This trailer shows off some new characters and weapons.

If you ever saw the School Days anime or played the game, Island Days has the same cast and is part visual novel and part tower defense game. But they're not at school this time - they're stuck on an island! (Side note: Makoto would be a scary person to be stuck on an island with if you're a female in my eyes. Just saying.)

This clip shows some of the shenanigans we can expect from Island Days.

Another character for the new Persona 4 Arena fighting game! This time we see Ken and Koromaru from Persona 3. They will feature as one combined playable character.


Ps. I may do an experiment next week and see how I go posting these as individual posts and then doing a weekly round up on all posts. We shall see how this goes/if I go through with it! I'll keep posted about it on the @JRPGJungle Twitter. Would love to hear your thoughts!

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