Thursday 29 May 2014

This week's notable EU PSN releases...JRPG style! (29/5/14)

Every week a heap of games and DLC are released on PSN. In this post, I like to put all the JRPGs and Japanese games to make it easier for you to find them!

PS. You might have noticed I didn't put one of these posts up last week. It's because I didn't really see anything notable. But this week is somewhat better!

New Releases

Mugen Souls Z (PS3)

I always see the original Mugen Souls for cheap and have still never bought it. It does look interesting, even if it got a lot of mixed reviews.

In the first Mugen Souls, Chou-Chou wanted to conquer the whole world. Now she wants to conquer the universe. Also includes a battle technique called 'Fetish Pose' which is both amusing and worrying.

Mind Zero (PS Vita)

The first time I heard about this game, it was being called a Persona rip off so I now have a natural curiousity as to what this game is.

I couldn't find a heap of info about this game, other than the main character makes a contract with someone or something called 'Mind' and there are two worlds, the real world and the crazy world. It does sound a tad familiar, but I'd like to give this game a chance at some point.

DLC for these games:
  • Conception 2
  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
  • Ragnarok Odsessy Ace
And a pretty cool game demo:
  • Ragnarok Odsessy Ace (PS Vita and PS3)
    Note to self: Download this
Please let me know if you pick up Mind Zero and what you think. I guess Mugen Souls Z too. But I really want to know if Mind Zero is good or if I should just play Persona 4 Golden again.


These new PSN things can be found in the European Playstation Network. Physical copies of these games and many more are available at Play-AsiaAmazon and various other retailers.

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