Thursday 22 May 2014

A Wild Persona 4 Arena......Disappeared From the European PSN?!

In surprising news, Persona 4 Arena has just up and disappeared from European PSN (and I can confirm Australian from a quick search). This was confirmed on the Playstation Blog by Jawad Ashraf who said Persona 4 Arena was removed at the request of the publisher. He also gave this comment:

"I haven’t been given any information as to why, just that we obliged with the request. Sorry I can’t be more transparent :(
Let’s hope Ultimate makes it’s way over, eh?"
Let's get a bit personal here: I don't like this. I've been checking JB Hi Fi and EB Games for a few months for pre-orders for Persona 4 Arena Ultimax and while it's not a triple A game, I haven't found any signs of it coming over. It's coming to North America (I've pre-ordered mine from Amazon) but I really hope it comes out here and in Europe too.


If you're looking to get a copy of the original Persona 4 Arena, it is available from MAKE SURE TO CHECK YOUR REGION BEFORE BUYING! Persona 4 Arena is the one PS3 game that is region locked so for once, you will need to check your region.

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