Sunday 11 May 2014

Sunday Musings #4: Mother's Day, @JRPGJungle and not enough time to play games

Ahoy hoy!

This last week feels like it took forever, yet I didn't have enough time. I actually spent a lot of my time brainstorming and working on ways to make this blog better! I'm really enjoying having more time to work on this site, but I'm trying to balance that time so I still have time to game. Obviously running this blog, I like JRPGs. This blog is pointless if I'm not playing them. But hopefully next week I can establish an improved routine!

If you use twitter, you may be pleased to know this blog now has a twitter: @JRPGJungle. Please follow us if you read the site! Not only does it help out, I'm hoping that it can help notify any readers of when new posts are up. The main reason I started this blog is because I didn't have any friends that were into JRPGs - this Twitter will also be where I put my random thoughts and musings while I game so please come hang out. :)

This weeks 'what I've been playing' is a tad short. I think I've found a way to adjust some of my time though so I have more time next week...which means more to report on! But anyway:

Child of Light (PS4)

I wish I could say I'm further into Child of Light, but I think I'm nearly halfway. This game is beautiful, honestly I said a lot of how I felt in my first impressions. I love flying in this game, I'm impressed by the combat and I'm really excited to see the story develop a little more.

Blazblue Continuum Extend (PS Vita)

I finished Taokaka's story and have begun Rachel's, with the above experience describing the funniest game dialogue I have possibly ever had the joy of witnessing.

I was somewhat let down by Taokaka's story to be honest. She's a cool character and I find her funny, but her story is a large step below Ragna's and Noel's in quality. I understand that Tao provides comic relief, but I think their attempt to try to give her a purpose could have been stronger and I really would've loved to have seen Tao develop more as a person.

After a lovely Mother's Day with my family, I'm off to get ready for the week. I'm currently working on a few features and gaming a lot more. Let's hope I have more to say next week so this feature doesn't get boring. Please tell me what you have been playing so I can be jealous! :)

Happy mid-May!

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