Thursday 8 May 2014

Idol x RPG "Omega Quintet" Trailer for PS4

That's right.

Idol x RPG.

Omega Quintet has been announced by Famitsu and Compile Heart's Galapagos RPG for PS4 to be released in Japan on September 18th 2014 (no word of a localisation as of yet). The game is to revolve around monsters that appear to be called 'beeps' that are affecting people's minds. The game's protagonist is called a 'verse maiden' and has the power to stop the beeps. I'm guessing that since a verse could be a 'verse' from a song, that's where the Idol group comes in.

I'm pretty sure I've been waiting for an Idol RPG since birth and I cannot wait for this. On PS4! Yes!!!

Thank you to Siliconera for their original post. A limited edition version is also available for pre-order at

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