Wednesday 30 July 2014

A General JRPG Jungle Update!

Hello everyone!

First off, thank you always for reading, especially if you're bothering to read this post. If you don't read this post, that's also fine. I understand if you're here for the gaming content and not any of the behind the scenes or personal stuff - more power to you in fact! But after debating whether or not to even write about this at all, I decided that I want JRPG Jungle to be a blog that you can trust. And trust involves transparency, so here I go.
(Oh, that line about 'trust' felt a little heavy. This isn't a big, scary announcement. You don't even need to be sitting down for it.)

You may have noticed a post increase on this blog, specifically including JRPG news. In fact, our news coverage may possibly be the reason you found JRPG Jungle. More posts are great! It gets you more content, it improves my writing skills immensely (I'm proud to say I can see a difference between my early reviews and my current ones) and importantly, it keeps both me and you up to date about what's going on in the Japanese world of video games.

This post is mainly to notify anyone who reads this site that you may notice a post decrease. I've just taken up full time work for the first time, meaning I now have 3 less days a week to work on this site. This change to my schedule won't affect my reviews at all however, it does mean I have to rethink the way I do things on JRPG Jungle to adopt a 'work smarter, not harder' strategy when it comes to getting news and new releases onto the blog so we can continue to be a reliable source. I really want JRPG Jungle to be one of the most (if not the most one day!) informative Japanese gaming sites around and I will continue to work hard to achieve this as much as I can as a single person.

I am also toying more seriously with the idea of eventually including video content for JRPG Jungle and an official website (away from Blogspot). These are still ideas at this point, but if you have any ideas or suggestions for what you would want to see on your ideal Japanese gaming website, your input would be very much appreciated!

Otherwise, I'm going to get back to working on my review of the latest P4GA episode. Thanks for coming by and please stick around!


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