Saturday 26 July 2014

Thanks To Fan Demand, Freedom Wars Will Receive A Physical Release In Europe

Freedom Wars was originally announced as a digital only release for European fans, which was better than nothing. But for a game release such as Freedom Wars, the decision to not release a physical copy of the highly anticipated game seemed a bit like an oversight. Fans seemed to agree with this and told the official Playstation Blog how they thought. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe listened to this feedback and has responded with this statement from their Blog Manager Fred Dutton announcing that thanks to fan feedback, European fans can expect a physical release for Freedom Wars too:
"As many of you are aware, earlier this month we announced that Japan Studio’s forthcoming action RPG Freedom Wars would be a digital-only release when it arrives here in the SCEE region later this year. Since then you’ve let us know here on PlayStation Blog, on forums and on social media that you really wanted to see a full title card release for the game. And we’ve been listening. Duly, today I’m happy to confirm that Freedom Wars will now be made available as a full physical edition as well as a digital release, from day one."

Freedom Wars was released in Japan earlier this year. The game's US and European release dates are yet to be announced.

Pre-Order Freedom Wars (Europe): Play-Asia
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