Wednesday 16 July 2014

Teaser Site Appears For Final Fantasy Record Keeper

A website has appeared for a new Final Fantasy title called Final Fantasy Record Keeper. Not much is known about the website or Final Fantasy Record Keeper at all, except for that Square Enix and DeNA are the ones who opened the site. DeNA is a mobile phone game provider, so it is highly likely that this title will be featured on mobile. To be sure, you can check the site in roughly 21 hours.

The site features screenshots from many different Final Fantasy games and features the main Final Fantasy musical theme as background music. There has also been high speculation about why the numbers in the 'Days' countdown are pixelated, but there are no official details at this point in time.

My current theories? I used to use an app that helped me keep track of all my Final Fantasy games called FFgames, so I briefly considered maybe it was an official Record Keeper of all of the Final Fantasy games....although I can't think of any reason why they would make that. My other thought is that it's a mini game, but of course with the lack of information, I can't really come to any detailed conclusions to what this mini game would involve. Leave a comment below if you have your own theory and want to share it!

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