Wednesday 9 July 2014

NIS America Have New Localised JRPGs Coming In 2015 - the Guided Fate Paradox Sequel, Criminal Girls and the Firefly Diary

From The Guided Fate Paradox: the Awakened Fate Ultimatum
If you needed some JRPGs to look forward to in 2015, NIS America have got you covered. Next year will see NIS America bring localised versions of Criminal Girls: Invite Only, the Firefly Diary and the Guided Fate Paradox's sequel the Awakened Fate Ultimatum (previously known as Cross Thesis Awakening) to the West.

Notably, Criminal Girls: Invite Only will come with some content edited for the Western release. The game's original trailer featured some racy content involving the Vita's touch screen and 'punishing' the girls in the game (I'm sure your imaginations can work out the rest). In the new trailer (below) for the localised version of the game, these clips are nowhere to be found.

Criminal Girls and the Firefly Diary will be released for PS Vita and the Guided Fate Paradox sequel is due for release on Playstation 3.

Via: IGN

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